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my pixels in its essence is a production house well equipped to meet all of your and your project’s needs. We at my pixels believe in providing quick and smart solutions to ornament your task with our prowess in visual communication. my pixels is an active part of the communication sphere.

Our Services

Photography: We focus on your goals and blur out the rest (competition too) through our cameras, and out of the box creatives. My pixels is well known among brands like TATA Motors, TBZ, Dabur, Amway, etc.

Film Publicity: Got a film in the pipeline? We, here at my pixels can be the perfect channel for your publicity all the way from conceptualization to planning and execution.

Video Production: Since, you know how good we are with our cameras, photography is not the only thing we excel at, the directors here hail straight from the city of dreams.

Image Re-touhcing: When it comes to post-production needs, we have the fix. Our learned and experienced editors will touch your photos like they have been never touched before. <wink wink>

Production and Execution: Now that you have initiated let us make your walk-through Production process easier and simpler with our extensive database and specific skill set.

Workshops: We often offer learning experiences to curious minds to break into the industry and emerge brighter in the world.

Our Team

Gaurav Mishra

Founder - Director

Gaurav Misra is a well-renowned Advertising and Fashion photographer who has been praised and published Nationally and Internationally. His work has been exhibited in a plethora of visual communications ranging from Global Advertising Campaigns of blue chip brands to Modelling Portfolios throughout various Modelling Agencies. 

 Gaurav Mishra Photography

Rajni Jha

Business Head

Rajni is the one who takes care of the Client Services, Business Development and all those facts and numbers which makes us cheer year long. She studied film making from leading institute of India and have worked on a number of assignments be it a brand TV commercial or a documentary. In her free time she loves travelling, visits theatres and watch a lot of cinema.


Behind The Shots